It’s You


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Chiffon Hartwell fought courageously to pull herself out of a mental depression that haunted her since childhood. With abandonment issues, she entered relationships with caution. After all, her father taught her the hard way – men could never be fully trusted. Then the inevitable hapened, she fell in love. As expected, deceit and treachery soon followed. Left without a choice, she made a fresh start, only to discover nothing was as it appeared.
No one ever dared to tell him no.
Joshua Abbout would utilize any and every resource to make sure he had a life with the woman he loved. Sure, his tactics were extreme but she was worth it. By any means neccessary was his motto. Nothing would keep them apart – including Chiffon.

DEE DEE WELCH is a romance writing enthusiast who has had a love for the written word since childhood. With several romance novels under her belt, she decided to take the leap to share her talent with the world.
A native of Chicago, IL, when she insn’t reading or writing page turners, she spends her spare time craffting, singing and traveling the world for inspiration. Find out more about about Dee Dee at, where you can sign up to receive emails on upcoming releases.


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