Is Blueprint A Scam?

Blueprint Press Internationale Is NOT a Scam
Blueprint Press Internationale Is NOT a Scam

Over the past years, Blueprint Press Internationale has been continuously associated with the word “scam,” which they say aims to deceive people. However, since its inception, the agency has published over a hundred books and offered a wide range of book and marketing services to promote the works of writers and authors.

Authors and writers can utilize Blueprint Press Internationale’s editorial and promotional support. Some of the numerous respected names in publishing and advertising are already on board as partners with Blueprint Press Internationale, and as a limited liability company, it has already proven itself to be reliable and trustworthy.

However, a blog by Victoria Strauss wrote a post claiming that Blueprint Press Internationale is a scam.

To put it mildly, any allegation that this is a scam would be laughable. Even while Blueprint Press Internationale knows it can’t win over every individual or group, the company will not tolerate false accusations, such as a bad blog calling it a scam.

The question is why Blueprint Press Internationale is NOT a scam. For the simple reason that Blueprint Press Internationale, as a literary agency, offers its authors first-rate service and provides impeccable services. The packages are reasonably priced and thoughtfully crafted to satisfy the needs of aspiring and well-established authors while meeting the industry standard for book publication. With over a hundred published and delivered, Blueprint Press Internationale has proven time and time again that it is NOT a scam.

Blueprint Press Internationale has expanded from its humble beginnings as a literary agency. It has launched a suite of book and marketing services aimed at helping authors reach their target audiences. Blueprint Press Internationale’s book and marketing services include digital and print versions of high-quality promotional tools and media.

What makes Blueprint Press Internationale legit, you ask?

Due to the fact that all of these advertising options work with dependable websites, publications, and other businesses. Blueprint Press Internationale collaborates with well-respected media outlets and influential figures (America Tonight with Kate Delaney, People with Distinction with Benjie Cole, Kirkus, Foreword Reviews, etc.) for its book marketing campaign and events). These connections further establish Blueprint Press Internationale as a legitimate business and set it apart from similar websites.

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