A Testimonial From Our First Quarter of 2024 Best-Selling Author: Nathan Johnson

At Blueprint Press Internationale, we’re on a mission to discover captivating literary treasures that resonate deeply with readers. Our goal is straightforward: to bring these stories to light and immerse the world in their narratives.

How do we do it? We achieve this by providing unwavering support to our client authors at every stage of their journey. Our dedication to elevating their work to must-read status extends from offering expert guidance to getting their books on shelves and into the hands of eager readers.

But don’t just take our word for it. One of our best-selling authors, Nathan Johnson, the creative force behind “The Rebel,” can attest to the Blueprint Press experience. Here’s what he has to say:

“I just want to say that working with the Blueprint Press and everybody there has been really terrific, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience with Kim and Janice Rei and all the people at Blueprint Press for processing my book, The Rebel, and doing what they were doing, the publishing with the Rebel, and just to prove that everything is great with them.”

These kinds of words are always a confident boost for us. Nathan Johnson’s “The Rebel” is a powerful example of how much Blueprint Press Internationale cares about its authors and their work. Nathan’s amazing accomplishments shine a light on our team’s unwavering dedication to greatness in every author’s journey with us.

The Rebel by Nathan Johnson

Celebrating Success

We are proud! Congratulations to Nathan Johnson, who has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming Blueprint Press Internationale’s top-selling author for the first quarter of 2024!

We have been successful in bringing Nathan Johnson’s captivating stories to audiences worldwide because of our collaborative efforts, which have showcased his extraordinary storytelling ability. It has been our pleasure to help bring Nathan’s inspiring narrative to a wider audience and to have amplified his voice. We are lucky to have had the chance to work with Nathan, whose creativity is clearly on full display.

Join Our Quest

At Blueprint Press Internationale, we do more than simply publish books; we are committed to realizing dreams. Join us on our quest to unearth literary treasures and bring them to the world’s attention.

Watch the full testimony here: Author Testimonial—Nathan Johnson

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