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Blueprint Press Internationale is a long-established literary agency with a vision for a different type of literary agency, one that would combine a love for managing a writer’s career with a knowledge of how narrative functions. Blueprint Press Internationale has played a crucial role in developing the careers of hundreds of novelists and nonfiction authors through its dual-pronged philosophy.

We believe in delivering our clients not just contract negotiation knowledge but also participating in all areas of the editorial and publishing processes. Our mission is to maximize the merit of our client’s work by offering editorial and marketing counsel, as well as leading in branding, licensing, and the sale of film/TV, international, audio, dramatic, and serial rights.


As a literary agency, we are not simply intermediaries between creatives and publishing houses. We assist authors in efficiently and effectively publishing their books.

In refining the author’s chance of book publication and literary success, we pay careful attention to each stage of a book’s existence, including editorial, marketing, sales, and the licensing of subsidiary rights. We are the author’s partner and champion for the book’s presence, and we adore it.




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