A Plan Undone


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A Plan Undone is an autobiography about one man’s struggle to maintain his faith despite mental illness and the side effects of the medicines he is prescribed. After enduring three psychiatric hospitalizations in four years, the author embarks on a journey through foretelling and hypnotherapy that would last more than 25 years. He unwittingly traces the foretelling time and again as he muddles from young adulthood through middle age. Parallels between the foretelling and certain events in his life are anything but random—they are frequent, sometimes disconcerting, and in an odd way reassuring. So the questions remain: Am I leading my life? Is it God’s plan for me? Or am I simply following a script prescribed by my therapist long ago?

Christopher Holdstrom was raised in a small town on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. He was first diagnosed with Type 1 bipolar affective disorder in 1981 at the age of eighteen. From young adulthood through middle age, Christopher struggled to maintain his faith as he battled mental illness. Today, Christopher lives on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. The medications he is prescribed must do more than contain his bipolar condition—they must balance his failing renal health.

Christopher is employed as a project manager at a health information consulting firm, and he serves on the Board of a local, non-profit senior housing facility. He is an active member of the local church he attends with his wife and daughter.


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