Affection: Emotion Series


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Sareya is a young African-American Christian woman who is secure in her career and thinks she doesn’t need anyone. In college, she suffered from sex addiction, leaving her feeling undeserving of love and emotionally damaged. At the end of college, she was delivered and now thinks she’s happy. The problem is that she keeps to herself and doesn’t even want to consider dating. Well, God’s ways are not like our ways. She’s about to learn that God loves her no matter what she’s done in her life. He also has the husband waiting for her that she once prayed for so long ago. Will she be willing to fully open her heart to this man? Is she emotionally strong enough to handle it? Will her heart be broken, or will she finally know what true love feels like?

Cynthia L. Evans was born and raised in Elkhart, IN. She grew up in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and was the leader of the Drama Department for many years, directing plays, writing poems, and choreographing dance performances. She studied Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance and began writing at 7. She wrote in her journal daily, enjoying the feeling it gave her to go back and read of the blessings and miracles God had done. In 2015, at 31, the Lord spoke to her and asked her to take on the ministry of writing love stories where the focal points were topics that were too hard for people to talk about. Through these stories, their lives would be saved, and their lives would be changed forever. She happily accepted the call, and the Emotion Series was born.


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