Awareness: A Pathway Into a Quite Mind & Open Heart


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When we are opened to recognizing the full truth of who we are, there is an all-encompassing sense of awe and gratitude. From this realization, all sense of lack and limitation slip away, and we are introduced to an internal, unconditional presence and spaciousness. Even though these glimpses of the full truth may be elusive and fleeting, if recognized and integrated into our lives, they can be transformative. The power and blessings of these experiences are truly reassuring and encouraging on the path to the recognition and expression of our highest potential.

Reclaiming the lost paradise of inner peace, luminous guidance, and natural strength is the most pressing need of our day. It is the great hungering that brings seekers to the edges of the lives they were resigned to living and to the borderlands of the lives their hearts instinctively imagine. We need guideposts for this ultimate journey, and Chris Condon has provided a superb set of these markers for those who are ready to explore their inner frontiers.
In Awareness: A Pathway into a Quiet Mind and Open Heart, we are gifted with a year’s worth of opportunities for deepening, clarifying, and expressing the core of personal awareness. This invaluable material is organized into fifty-two weekly explorations—precious and profound pearls for homesteading in “the land of I Am.” Thank you, Chris, for bringing forth such a wise and powerful guidebook that I know many will come to cherish!
— Dr. Roger Teal

Chris Condon is a licensed professional counselor and meditation practitioner based in Golden, Colorado. His interest in spirituality led him to study with Buddhist masters, New Thought leaders, Jesuit teachers, and leaders in psychology and hypnotherapy. Inspired by his personal experience in mediation and his work with clients in private practice, Chris began exploring the universal spiritual truths that ultimately developed into this work. He wrote these passages during a personal retreat on sacred land in southwest Colorado. Chris is a lover of the outdoors and connects with nature to renew, inspire, and deepen his awareness of the interconnectedness of life. Chris lives in Golden, Colorado.


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