How To Make An American Hero: An Age of Innocence


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A War within a War, within a War

You asked for a conflict within the Viet Nam Era

You got it

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Combat Readiness

A normal reaction to abnormal circumstances

My Heroes have always been Christians

Agent Orange Poisoning

You got it

A Real McCoy

You got it

Killer Kilo 3/1, First Marine Division

If you can handle it

You got it

It takes a Village

Washington * Oregon * Texas * Oklahoma * Nevada

Washington D.C. * Virginia * Illinois * Indiana * Mississippi

Every state I have lived in is a part of who I am. I was walking wounded for 42 years after Viet Nam. I was wounded twice in combat, for which I was awarded two Purple Hearts.  

I was also awarded the Bronze Star with V for Valor. The V for Valor is an individual combat distinguishing award. You don’t know me because my family moved around too much. 

Know me or not, you’re all a part of who I am. Enjoy my book and get to know me. Hope you enjoy “How to Make an American Hero”, Part One. And remember, if you love the creator, if you love to learn about creation, if you choose to do good, you are the good neighbors that everybody wants to live around. Combat Veterans and all people of color need to learn to control their anger so as not to be manipulated by those in the know.


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