Know Seek Worship: The Study of the Character of God


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For years, people have wanted to know about our mysterious God.

We want to understand who He is, what He is like, and more.

And guess what? God has revealed Himself in His Word!

We can learn more about Him if we look closely enough.


In Know Seek Worship, readers will take a journey through the Bible with author David B. Virts, looking at the many word descriptions God gave to man. Man can learn much about God from nature, but what we can be discovered there cannot compare to what can be discovered by a close study of God’s Word, where He has left us incredible word pictures of Himself. Through His Word, we can get to know the very character of God. And in this book, readers will delve into the Word – pictures to paint an Understanding of each character’s quality and begin to see and seek God like never before. With this knowledge, your relationship with God will grow deeper, and you’ll worship God with new zeal. Soon you’ll understand our true purpose — to forever reflect God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness.


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get to know God.


There is so much to uncover!


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