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Leslie is the romantic equivalent of “The Perfect Storm”.

A man falls in love with a woman only to discover that she is married and he will never be able to call her his own. Knowing that he can never have her does little to ease the ache in his heart, and he confesses his undying love to her.

As her feelings for him start to grow, a cruel fate tears them apart. Even though he accepts the hand that fate dealt him and marries someone else, love will not be denied, and years later, romantic winds blow them back together, fanning the flames of desire.

An insatiable longing to be with each other consumes them, and they risk everything to spend precious moments together. Passion burns in their hearts until…


Gary Rohr was born in Toledo, Ohio, and was the first son of Mathilda and Bill Rohr. He has an older sister, Nancy, and a younger brother, Walt. Gary was raised in West Toledo, where he developed a fondness for books while swapping Hardy Boy Mystery books with neighborhood friends. Gary continued reading for entertainment throughout grade school, high school, and college. While mystery and suspense novels were his favorite, an occasional love story would catch his interest. In the early 1970s, Gary fell in love, and his life would never be the same. The love was unlike any he had ever experienced or even read about. It was a love story he felt needed to be told, and he started keeping notes to this end. Thirty years later, the book was finally written, titled “LESLIE”.


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