My Pet Peeve


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Molly is a lonely little girl who is looking for a friend. She lives on a farm with her mom and dad. Molly has always loved cats and wants to get a cat, but her father sneezes when he gets around cats, so he tells her she cannot have one. Molly asks and asks and asks again, but the answer is always “No.” Then one day, Molly finds a little kitten hiding in the barn and wants to keep her, of course. What will she do? Should she hide the kitten from her dad? Will dad see the kitten and think it is so adorable he will change his mind about letting Molly keep the cat? What would you do if you found the cutest kitten ever? How will Molly solve this problem?

Dr. Renee Rodgers Barstack has a doctorate degree in English Education. She started out teaching seventh-grade English and went from there to teach at several colleges and a university. She is currently teaching Children’s Literature at Glendale Community College in Arizona. She lives in Phoenix with her three cats, two tortoises, and one dog. Munchkin is one of her cats, and she, along with Dr. Barstack’s students, inspired her to write My Pet Peeve. She already has a sequel in progress called Pet Peeve Jumps the Wall. Look for more stories about Munchkin, also known as “my pet peeve,” to follow. The illustrator, Mar Fandos, is an artist living in Argentina, and she has illustrated several other children’s picture books.


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