Short Like Humpty Dumpty


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This book is designed to increase godliness and encourage the reader to consider every decision they make and encourage them to become a lady or gentleman. All the stories in this book entwine with a message the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost would approve of if they were writing this story. And I hope you enjoy this book’s pictures and unusual stories.

I am a hot and on-fire believer in Christ, and writing His word is an honor of the highest degree. I am committed to promoting His word to whoever desires to be Bible-savvy. I am the clay between His fingers and a willing servant to His ways of life. And someday, when I stand before God, I’ll be proud to tell Him I fell hopelessly in love with His gospel.

How I made my living or the skills I’ve mastered is unimportant, but being a Bible story writer is how I want to end my life.



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