Sunset Street


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Everyone thought childhood sweethearts Alero (Allie) and Adey would be together forever, but life has a habit of interfering.

Allie and her girlfriends, Shade and Ebony are determined to thrive, however, this sisterhood is in for a fight. Meanwhile, Adey is facing his own challenges. He’s forced to step up as the man of the house, even though he’s still a child when his father suddenly packs his bags and leaves for Nigeria. The Smith’s house on Sunset Street in San Bernadino, California was the gathering place.

Fifteen years after high school, Allie is torn apart in a marriage from hell. Her carefully crafted life unravels in dark paths of traumatic experiences. Adey returns from Harvard, a changed man.

Healing for the childhood friends reignites on Sunset Street. Allie also faces a choice to accompany Adey on a call to kingship in Nigeria. Is her rekindled love with Adey strong enough to withstand international boundaries? Will the lovers heal on the continent? Can they save each other? Sunset Street is a compelling story of enduring love.

Akindotun Merino is passionate about exploring cultures and human behavior. She believes in the healing properties of intimate relationships. We get hurt in the context of relationships, but redemption is also found within healthy spaces.

Akindotun is a romantic at heart. She believes in the power of love and its many shades of appearing. Dr. Akindotun is the President of Jars Education Institute and Akin Merino Network (AMN). Akindotun is a Mental Health Commissioner and Professor of Psychology. She’s authored several books, and this is her first published fiction. Akindotun and her family live in Southern California.


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