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The Goldfish Bowl


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Mike Summers, a look alike George Clooney has no problem filling his cot with extramarital affairs. At forty five and married to his beautiful wife June and with two teenage children Steven, eighteen and Sheryl, sixteen, life is good for this suburban housewife with her private tennis lessons and girly lunches at the exclusive Jetty Club in East Village, a highly sought after upper-class locality overlooking the river. But Laura Williams, the daughter of Senator Dave Williams and niece of Jake Murray, the New York District Attorney, has other plans when Mike insensitively decides their affair is over and she threatens to destroy him and everything he stands for; his family, his career, his very life, unless he divorces his wife and makes her an honest woman. When money cant solve the problem there is only one avenue left and desperate men do desperate things. Tony Perino and Bill Hayden two highly respected NYPD detectives are assigned to solve the case and bring the unknown perpetrator to justice for this hyenas crime. What follows is a trail of hypnotic detective work, fraught with danger, kidnapping, and murder. A fugitive is on the run in South America. This is a police drama of insurmountable proportions and twists that are mind shattering, a drama that is both exhilarating and exiting, guaranteed addictive reading.



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