The Long Way “Home” The Testimony: Book #1 A True B’More Story


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The Long Way “Home”: The Testimony A True B’More Story is a narrative, non-fiction memoir out of Baltimore City, Maryland. It’s a powerful true story about a young man faced with adversities early on in life. Odell Richardson Jr. shares with the world his most personal journey to find the best version of himself virtually alone. This gripping and intense story is one for the ages. This is a powerful true story about a man’s struggle with life, dealing with the darkness of tragedy and the snares of inner-city Baltimore, Maryland. The ultimate message from the author is to Glorify God for the grace and mercy awarded. This extraordinary diverse story and message about purpose, truth, accountability, love, and consequences will inspire the masses. This first of 2 books is a once-in-a-lifetime story about life, change, passion, tragedy, decisions, unity, and spirituality. The northeast Baltimore City native takes the world on a 30-plus-year journey to discover his best life and true peace. The story is suspenseful, informative, and graphic at times, but ultimately encouraging and empowering. Originally written with film and television in mind, while living a life many African-American males enter but rarely escape, this man and father was able to survive and thrive. The ultimate message is about locating “Home”; a place of rest or peace, purpose, change, and all things purposeful and godly. It is the author’s desire that everyone place GOD first and locate HOME sooner than later.

Odell Richardson Jr. is an African-American male and author from Baltimore, Maryland. Born into an early tragic family circumstance, Mr. Richardson, a father of 3, found himself without most of his immediate family early in life. He submerged himself into language, commercial arts, writing, and sketching to escape the pain of loss in his early life. As a young teen, he excelled academically in high school, graduating with a perfect score of 100 percent in his Senior Year. However, not long afterward, life turned dramatically again, but that would not be the last major turn in this young man’s life. Tragedy, a lack of guidance, and poor decisions led this young man down the darkest roads imaginable; the compromising streets of one of the worse ghettos in America. Through grace and mercy, this man recovered his passion for expressing himself through the literary arts. From there, he converted passion into purpose and a dream. The author aims to plant seeds of hope and positive change with this message to all of society. This author, father, investor, and government employee is on a lifelong mission to Glorify God, build up his purposeful brand, follow his dreams, pass them down, and help others.


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