The Loop of Transformation


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This revealing story concerning the Earth and Hell is called the Loop of Transformation. It’s a mystery story filled with the unusual, and it reveals cruel, evil, and unusual things prophesized to come upon this Earth from the pits of Hell.

This exposure story purposely dives deep into the wonderful word of God. It involves the puppet master, the rebellious angels, and the spirits of unbelievers, and everyone cast into the pits of Hell after the death of their flesh.

Based on scripture evidence, the Loop of Transformation reveals future events. And these events will begin after an angel from Heaven opens the gates of Hell and releases its ungodly prisoners onto this Earth.

The Loop of Transformation focuses on highly intelligent creations, all trapped somewhere in the center of this Earth. And I am certain they’ll stay trapped until an unknown angel from Heaven opens the gates of Hell.

The Loop of Transformation reveals what may be the most sophisticated workshop ever designed. But it’s unknown by mankind and hidden away since the great flood, and it’s stationed somewhere within the center of this Earth.

The Loop of Transformation reveals a unique place where the spirits of the dead reshape themselves into fierce fighting creatures. The Loop of Transformation portrays a supernatural army built in Hell; no flesh and blood army on this Earth can equal it.

The transformation loop occurs during the great tribulation time, when no man can buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast. And when the gates of Hell are opened, a loop will form, and what goes in is reshaped, and when it comes back out, it’ll have the mark of the beast.


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