The Sovereign of the Seas: The Four Keys


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For Christopher Newly, a wiry, redheaded British lad of nineteen, signing on to a ship while on the lawless Island of Tortola in the Caribbean seemed to be the only way to reach his goal of securing a better life than the one of indentured servitude he had left behind in England. Little did he know, the Jolly Roger flag hoisted above his head at dawn, and Captain Ethan Pike, the captain of the Sovereign of the Seas, would make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and set him down on a path of breathtaking adventures beyond the realm of any imagination.

This rags to riches pirate tale take place back in 1799 when the golden age of piracy was coming to its end. The HMS Sovereign of the Seas was King George’s prize possession until Captain Pike relieved the king of her. Captain Pike’s map of the sea leads the crew on a perilous quest, with the witch of the sea, Miranda, following their every move. Newly tells the lighthearted tale, fit for the entire family, of the crew’s search for the four keys of the sea. Their adventurous journey takes them across the Caribbean Sea, fighting off the British Navy and finding unimaginable adventures, wonderful scenes, unbelievable horrors, and magnificent treasures.

Author Stephen Simpson has a passion for action-adventure stories, especially pirate tales. He lives in Florida on the beautiful Weeki Wache River, surrounded by nature and the sea. He enjoys fishing, diving, and boating, is a state-certified master electrician and owns his own electrical contracting business.


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