Walking In Love: Why and How?


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Walking in Love: Why and How? presents and explains a simple process for overcoming our human limitations on wisdom and strength and fulfilling our potential to love. It is totally consistent with Christian scripture but free from dogma. It uses, instead, the personal confirming experience of the reader and a core understanding of the spirituality common to all human beings as the source of authority. This book builds on and puts the cap on the messages of the author’s previous two books, Spirituality 101 and Spirituality 202.

Suzanne Miller is a former licensed lay minister in the Episcopal Church, serving in that role for five years as Lay Vicar of a Baltimore, MD parish. She received her religious training from the Claremont School of Theology and also studied early Christianity through course and fieldwork with St. George’s College in Jerusalem. After a hiatus of a dozen years, through good medical diagnosis and treatment, and by the grace of God, she has regained her vigor after a severe heart attack, as well as regaining the singing voice she lost in her youth. Today, she travels the country and the world, using that voice to witness the benefits of not giving up amid adversity. She has released two music albums, It Ain’t Over Till It ‘s Over and Walking in Love: Food For The Journey that complement the message of her book.


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