Wisdom of China: The Value of Practical Knowledge


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The objective of Wisdom of China is to provide you with comfort, counsel, and encouragement.These and other benefits will be gained as you learn from proverbs written over thousands of years by wise sages from the ancient country of China. Wisdom is a beautiful pearl; so valuable that nothing in the world can compare with her. Take hold of this pearl by beginnning to read and study these proverbs. You will soon find that their precepts have been hidden in your heart. As you then go about living your everyday life, you will find a multitude of opportunities for putting the information into action.


The writer of this book grew up in China and learned many of these proverbs while young. Throughout her life, she has obtained comfort by considering and meditating on truths contained within the writings. She has used the time-tested guidance of these proverbs to obtain encouragement and to take actions leading to success.


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