You Can’t Bully Me Anymore


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You Can’t Bully Me Anymore, is a powerful, encouraging book to educate and empower elementary school-aged children concerning the unprecedented growing epidemic of bullying in America and the world.

Children sometimes have a difficult time articulating trauma. This book is a discussion starter to help children get the help they need who may be victims of bullying or offenders themselves. The story is centered around four characters who represent various forms of bullying. When a child reads about these experiences, it will help them tell their own stories to get the help they need.
Written in simple poetic form with cartoon illustrations, it’s a great resource to build healthy self-esteem, provide next-step actions should bullying occur, and can be used as a tool for bullying prevention.

“Reverend Edwards has a true heart for children, both those being bullied and those doing the bullying. Thanks for shedding a bold light into the darkness.”
Shane Cassida,
Executive Director, Student Support Services,
Asheville City Schools School Board
Asheville, North Carolina

“You Can’t Bully Me Anymore” is a truly empowering story and beautifully illustrated book for children, families, and educators from all walks of life.”
Obie Ford, III, PhD
Campus Director of Diversity and Equity
Washington State University Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington

“This book is a gem! Highly readable, delightfully illustrated, and full of valuable information and sound advice. It fills a real need by speaking directly to children on their level. I recommend it highly as a discussion starter. Kudos to the author!”
Father Jim Abbott,
Retired Episcopalian Priest and City Activist
Asheville, North Carolina


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