8 Tips for First-Time Self-Published Authors

As a self-publishing author, you understand the importance of taking control of your writing destiny. You know that by self-publishing, you can create a great piece of work that is entirely yours and that the success of your work lies entirely in your control. 

Self-publishing is a great way to get your work into the world without submitting it to traditional publishers. It’s a great way to have complete control over your book, a great way to test the waters, and a great way to build a community around your work. That being said, it can also be highly overwhelming to start authors. With so many options, platforms, and tips to consider, it can take time to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together these eight tips for self-publishing authors just starting. Following these tips will help you better grasp the landscape and ensure that your book is a success.

1. Have a Clear Goal 

Before jumping into the self-publishing world, make sure you have a clear goal. Are you looking to get your work out into the world? Are you looking to make some money off of your book? Or are you simply looking to build a platform and audience? Knowing your goal will help you make the right decisions throughout the process.

2. Choose Your Platform Carefully

Once you have a goal, you can start researching which platforms suit you. Different platforms have different fees and reach, so understand what each can offer you.

3. Invest in Quality

When self-publishing, you get what you pay for. Invest in quality editing, cover design, and formatting to ensure your book looks professional and polished.

4. Price Accordingly

Price your book according to what readers are willing to pay. Research the prices of similar books to get an idea of what readers are willing to pay.

5. Promote Your Book

Self-promotion is a must for self-publishing authors. Ensure you do everything possible to get the word out and build a fan base.

6. Set up a Website

A website is a great way to build a platform, showcase your work, and connect with readers. It’s also a great way to promote your book.

7. Network with Other Authors

Connecting with other authors can be a great way to find new readers and spread the word about your book.

8. Listen to Feedback

Finally, and most importantly, listen to the feedback you get from readers. Not only will this help you make necessary changes, but it will also help you grow as an author and write better books in the future.

Self-publishing can be a great way to get your work out and build a platform. Following these eight tips will help ensure that your book is a success and that you get the most out of it. Good luck!

In conclusion, self-publishing is an excellent way for authors to get their works out into the world and be rewarded for their hard work. Although it can be daunting, following the eight tips outlined above can help any author get started on the right foot. 

Self-publishing has many rewards and benefits, so don’t hesitate to plunge. With some dedication and diligence, any author can make their dream of becoming a published author come true.

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