“A Plan Undone” by Christopher Holdstrom

“A Plan Undone”: A Remarkable Journey of Faith and Resilience Amidst Mental Illness—A Memoir by Christopher Holdstrom

 Embracing Fate’s Script Amidst Mental Health Battles


In his deeply personal and insightful autobiography, “A Plan Undone,” Christopher Holdstrom takes readers on an extraordinary voyage through the trials and triumphs of a life marked by mental illness and the unwavering pursuit of faith. Chronicling his struggle with Type 1 bipolar affective disorder and the profound impact of prescribed medications on his life, Christopher’s remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all who have faced adversity.

“A Plan Undone” is a poignant tale that resonates with readers as it sheds light on the challenges of mental health and the complexities of faith. Christopher’s story begins in a quaint town on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, where he was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the tender age of eighteen. Over the years, he faced three psychiatric hospitalizations within a short span, compelling him to confront the daunting realities of his condition.

Enduring an arduous battle with mental illness, Christopher embarks on a remarkable journey through foretelling and hypnotherapy, which spans over twenty-five years. As he delves into these profound experiences, he uncovers striking parallels between the foretelling events and various milestones in his life. These seemingly predestined connections are both disconcerting and reassuring, prompting him to question the very fabric of his existence.

Throughout his memoir, Christopher navigates the turbulent waters of mental health, never losing sight of his faith, despite the tumultuous journey. The unyielding support of his loving wife and daughter, along with his active involvement in the local church community, provide a beacon of hope and strength.

Today, Christopher Holdstrom resides on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, where he serves as a project manager at a prominent health information consulting firm. He is also deeply committed to the welfare of others as he dedicates his time to the Board of a local, non-profit senior housing facility.

“I hope my story serves as a source of hope and encouragement to those facing their own battles with mental illness and faith,” Christopher reflects. “It is essential to remember that even amidst life’s darkest moments, there is a plan – it might be undone, rewritten, or retold, but it is ours to embrace and cherish.”

“A Plan Undone” is a captivating memoir that reveals the resilience of the human spirit and the power of unwavering faith. It is a profound testament to the strength found in embracing one’s journey, no matter how unpredictable the path may be.

About Christopher Holdstrom

Christopher Holdstrom is an inspirational figure, an embodiment of resilience, and an ardent advocate for mental health awareness. He holds a prominent position as a project manager at a health information consulting firm and actively serves on the Board of a local, non-profit senior housing facility. Christopher resides on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, with his loving wife and daughter. “A Plan Undone” is his debut memoir.

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