Author Spotlight: Enrapturing the Writing Aspect of the Author Terrance Nathan

Are you wondering how the author came up with the book?

Similar to readers we at Blueprint Press Internationale ponder on what are the writing experiences of the author Terrance Nathan with the book Attachment.

Wonder no more as we are going to highlight in this blog how the author undergoes the writing process.

To whom you dedicate your book and why?

Terrance Nathan: I dedicated “ATTACHMENT” to my late dad (Jimmie Lewis ) and my late sister (Veronica Nathan Lewis). They were and still are my inspiration. They’ve always supported the various endeavors that I’ve chosen to conquer.

Does writing invigorate or exhaust you?

Terrance Nathan: Writing invigorates me. Writing is my salvation, my rock, my haven, and my escapism.

Why did you choose to write in this particular genre for your debut novel?

Terrance Nathan: I chose to enter this genre for my debut novel because of my love for all the horror books and movies that I enjoyed as a kid, which I still enjoyed today. The horror genre is so vast. There are no limits when you enter that particular world.

Why did you write this book?

Terrance Nathan: I love crossovers and mixing things up. I wanted to see what would happen when you take characters from two different eras, worlds, and cultures and then throw them into the fire together. Which personalities would dominate and become the victor? A new meaning to “Past meets Present.”

What’s the most challenging part of writing a character/characters of the opposite sex?

Terrance Nathan: The difficulty of writing characters of the opposite sex is when you need to see their world from their point of view.

How many hours did you spend writing Attachment?

Terrance Nathan: I spent well over 2000 thousand hours penning “ATTACHMENT.” (researching, studying, and writing).

Have you changed any content of the book since its publication?

Terrance Nathan: No content changes were made to “ATTACHMENT.” The story was written as envisioned.

What was your hardest chapter to write?

Terrance Nathan: The conclusion was the hardest chapter to write. As the story evolves in “ATTACHMENT” the stakes get higher which meant that the characters who you ultimately become and fall in love with while reading this great book have to face some sort of travesty to give the audience a realistic look into the story and the world of “ATTACHMENT. “

What inspired you to write the novel?

Terrance Nathan: My inspiration originated from studying and watching the great silent cinemas of yesteryear. I wanted to pay tribute to the legendary film actresses of the past.

The setting of Attachment adds texture to the story. Can you tell us why you chose to set the story there?

Terrance Nathan: I wanted to build the setting of “ATTACHMENT” around its lead protagonist. The setting gives the reader insight into his world.

Have you been spooked out by something while writing this book?

Terrance Nathan: I had a very surreal moment that spooked me pretty badly while writing “ATTACHMENT.” That event came through a dream, or should I say, a nightmare I had about one of the scariest encounters that happened in the book.

If ever you’ve gotten into a situation like Jade, what would you do?

Terrance Nathan: To be true to my self-beliefs and characteristics. I would do exactly what Jade did.


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