Author Testimonial: Paul Castle’s Discovery of an Exceptional Literary Partner

In the vast expanse of the literary world, an author’s journey is often marked by the profound connections they form, not only with their craft but also with the partners who help transform their words into living narratives. Paul Castle, the creative mind behind “Short Like Humpty Dumpty,” offers a heartfelt testimonial about his collaboration with Blueprint Press Internationale, illuminating the exceptional support he received in bringing his literary vision to life.

A Passion for the Word of God

Paul Castle introduces himself with eloquent simplicity:

“My name is Paul Douglas Castle, and I am hopelessly in love with the word of God. I am a Bible story writer, creative story designer, philosopher, and theologian of the heart.”

His recent work with Blueprint Press Internationale has significantly impacted his journey as an author, and his heart resonates with the Word of God. It has shaped his identity as a multifaceted writer—a Bible story writer, creative story designer, philosopher, and theologian of the heart. His words carry the weight of faith and an unshakeable connection to the divine.

Gratitude for Blueprint Press Internationale

Before diving into the essence of “Short Like Humpty Dumpty,” Paul Castle takes a moment to extend his heartfelt gratitude to the team:

“I want to thank the people working for Blueprint Press for the help they’ve given me. I’ve had four or five different publishers, and Blueprint Press is the best I’ve ever found. I hope to publish eight books this year. As of now, Blueprint Press is working on publishing the 7th.”

It is always an honor for Blueprint Press Internationale to receive appreciation from their clients, even in their simplest ways of doing it. Having traversed the terrain of publishing with four or five different entities, Paul Castle makes a noteworthy statement: Blueprint Press Internationale is the best literary agency he has worked with so far, helping him craft his book into the perfect image he has in mind.

Reimagining a Classic Nursery Rhyme

“The Humpty Dumpty rhyme is approximately 150 years old, and I suspect it may be older. It’s a paragraph story, and no one knows why Humpty Dumpty was on the wall or the reason for his fall. I decided to give Humpty Dumpty the image he deserves—a godly one. And I’ve turned him into a philosopher and preacher.”

Paul’s latest literary work, “Short Like Humpty Dumpty,” breathes new life into a time-honored nursery rhyme. The enigma of Humpty Dumpty’s fall from the wall, a puzzle that has captivated generations for nearly 150 years, receives a fresh interpretation at his hands. In this reimagining, Humpty Dumpty is transformed into a godly figure, a philosopher, and a preacher—a character deserving of reverence.

“Indeed, the message of this story is universal and designed to include everyone—sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, and all of our friends will gain greater consideration and respect for each other.”

The creation of “Short Like Humpty Dumpty” weaves a narrative that seeks to bridge generations and foster connections. Paul Castle’s objective is crystal clear: to instill a deeper sense of consideration and respect among sons and fathers, mothers and daughters, and friends alike. Through this imaginative retelling, he extends an open invitation to all to explore the profound depths of empathy and understanding.


In Paul Castle’s testimonial video, he ends it with a heartfelt blessing—a wish that we all fall hopelessly in love with the Word of God and embark on a journey of learning and understanding. His words resonate as an invitation to explore the wisdom and boundless love found within the sacred text.

Paul Castle’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith, storytelling, and the profound connections that can be forged in the realm of literature. His recent partnership with Blueprint Press Internationale has not only paved the way for the realization of his literary aspirations but has also breathed fresh life into a beloved tale. His words extend an invitation for all of us to embark on a journey marked by faith, understanding, and shared love.

You can watch Paul Castle’s full testimonial video here.

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