Authors’ Effective Social Media Tools

If you find yourself walking away from social media because it intimidates you and you want nothing to do with it, turn around and give us a few minutes to explain.

We’re sure you’re aware that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have a large user base, but did you realize that Facebook alone has over 1 billion users? A sizable portion of these users like reading as much as they enjoy updating their status or Tweeting! As a result, writers may make good use of Facebook and Twitter as social media platforms. Your task now is to connect with these readers and pique their interest in your work.


Let’s begin by discussing how to improve your marketing approach via the usage of Facebook. Facebook is an excellent way to stay connected with friends, play games, and share photos of life events. However, it has developed into an efficient social media platform for companies and individuals to advertise themselves or their enterprises. On these Facebook Pages, individuals (such as writers) may engage more directly with their followers and keep them informed about new projects, events, and competitions they are holding. Fans may leave comments, like your updates, and message you with book-related queries.

We strongly recommend including a link that takes readers straight to the author’s website if one exists. This will allow fans to discover more about you and your work and link them to the location where they can buy your book. At Blueprint Press Internationale, one of the marketing services we provide is creating Facebook Pages for writers. This service offers writers a professionally created Facebook Fan Page centered on their work.

Authors may choose between a Facebook Author Page and a Facebook Book Page. If you want to publish a single book, a Facebook Book Page is sufficient. If you intend to produce many books, we suggest establishing an Author Page so that your page name is not associated with a particular title. In any case, your Facebook Fan Page should include your eBook cover, author picture, and biography to ensure that followers can quickly identify your page. After the first setup is complete, Publish Green’s Customized Facebook Fan Page Service provides further advantages to promote your book!


Following that, let’s have a look at Twitter. As with Facebook, an author’s Twitter profile should correspond to their book. Because your Twitter profile is intended to be professional rather than personal, you must ensure that the content you provide is related to your book and that you update it often. You may create your timetable, but whether you tweet daily, weekly, or monthly, consistency is necessary for Twitter to be a successful social media tool.

Bear in mind that just because your Twitter profile is professional does not imply it cannot be entertaining! You may tweet about things you discover, blogs you like, or individuals you follow. While most of your tweets should be about your book, events you’re holding, or new initiatives, a significant part should be about engaging with other Twitter users. Because Twitter is an interactive platform, you may connect with others by leaving comments, favoriting, or retweeting their Tweets. This demonstrates to people that you care about what they have to say and may be an effective method of gaining followers.

Additionally, Blueprint Press Internationale offers an author-specific Twitter Presence marketing solution to create a professional page for your book. You may discover more about our services on our website page, as well as the additional advantages you will get to assist you in promoting your book on Twitter.

Among the successful social media platforms available to authors are Facebook and Twitter. If you’re new to social networking, we suggest starting small and becoming familiar with these two sites. Soon, you’ll be blogging and Tweeting effortlessly!

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