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In today’s episode, we’re proud to present one of our authors, Terrance Nathan. Working with Terrance was a pleasure and we look forward to more projects in the future. Blueprint Press Internationale sat down with Terrance Nathan and talk about his debut novel, Attachment.

“The title Attachment was stitched into my consciousness from the very start of the creation of the manuscript,” author Terrance Nathan explained when we asked him about how he came up with the title of his debut novel. According to him, being attached to an object, idea, or person can possibly lead to harm or danger on a whim. He further explained that a person would and could do anything to keep that link or attachment from being broken. “It was very intriguing and exciting to pen a manuscript around the concept of that notion,” he added.

Author Terrance Nathan describes Attachment as a hybrid novel, predominantly in the horror genre with a little touch of comedy. The book’s main point is to never become attached to anything that you can’t walk away from when time dictates that you should.

With Terrance Nathan’s rebranding and acquiring the rights of Attachment, he decides to do a major make-over with the book’s cover. His main reason is to provide little insight into the story while keeping the plot a mystery. “I wanted a cover that will instill fright into the readers just by looking at it and before they begin reading the first few chapters,” he stated.

Author Terrance Nathan is currently working hard writing the sequel to Attachment. “Attachment is a two-part story and I’m penning the final installment,” he shares to Blueprint Press Internationale. The next chapter remains a mystery. Will it still contain comedic elements? Will it shift to a more serious tone? Only author Terrance knows.

In addition, he believes that creating names for a manuscript or a movie is interesting. “As I’m researching and developing protagonist and antagonist personalities, I attach a name that will stick with the audience throughout even after finish reading the book,” author Terrance Nathan said.

Lastly, he wants the readers to draw insight from the story and reminds them when to attach themselves to a situation or relationship.

We would like to thank Terrance Nathan for sharing everything and answering our questions. You can check out his blog at You can buy copies of Attachment straight from the site. If you’re looking for reliable and reputable book marketing services, you can turn to Blueprint Press Internationale. We can endorse your novel or book to professionals for reviews!

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