Factors that Influence Whether or Not a Book is Worth Reading

Knowing whether or not a book is worth reading could be either subjective or objective in basis. Subjective in the case if it influences our emotions and opinions as an individual. Objective if it challenges the facts of a certain subject. This is applied according to the genre of the book

The following are the lists of the factors that influence, but not limited to, whether a book is worth reading:

The connection between the reader and the characters of the story.

When we are done reading the book, we cannot get over with some characters as there is an invisible bond that has been shared. As if the emotions of the characters are aligned to what we “readers” feel. There are lingering emotions within us. It left us sad, happy, or bittersweet. We wished the characters to achieve their aspirations like they are friends or relatives.

Challenge our Ideas or Views

Certain books challenge us on the things we believe in. It shakes up the foundation that we had already built-in. However, it also awakens us on the views that we considered alright is not good at all. It challenges us to be human and live as a human. We should gauge what we hear and see. We should not accept the thing as it is.


Being simply entertained in what the book we read makes the book worth reading for. When it makes us sad, happy, angry, or confused, it is already a basis that the book is effective. It makes us feel emotions that we are capable of feeling when we are just reading.

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