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A positive book review from a renowned book reviewer can do wonders for your book’s success. Book reviews not only serve as an indication of success, but they can also boost your book’s visibility and credibility.

Reviews from established book reviewers can help you reach a wider audience and gain the attention of literary agents and publishers. However, it’s important to remember that not all reviews will be positive. Constructive criticism can be valuable in helping you improve your writing skills and make your next book even better. 

It’s important to seek out reviews from a diverse range of reviewers, as this can give you a well-rounded understanding of how your book is being received by different audiences.

Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler by Don Feeney

This book is a testament to the philosophy of carpe diem, which encourages people to immerse themselves in what life offers and treat it like a life-long exploration. It is a comprehensive autobiography/memoir that takes readers from Feeney’s humble beginnings in Pittsburgh to the unlikeliest of destinations and experiences. It is a testament to Feeney being a poster child for the philosophy of carpe diem, as he has been shedding labels and creating new identities at every turn and in all twenty-four of the locations he has called home. 

The author’s journey reflects numerous iconic moments throughout American history, such as his parents being a byproduct of the Great Depression and destined for economic inequity. The book “Mazeroski’s Walk-off Home Run” is a memoir written by John Feeney.

It follows his journey from Lackland Air Force Base in Texas to Zweibrucken Air Force Base in West Germany, where he enjoys the food, music, and company during wine fests. It also follows him through iconic Paris through the lens of architecture like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the artist colony that housed the likes of Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec. 

Feeney embodies the work hard play hard spirit that helps him accrue seemingly infinite life experiences and individual accolades. He has called places like Australia, Hawaii, Agrigento, Greece, and Turkey home, and his storytelling is almost as if a little piece of each place resides in his memory and in his heart. Audiences will feel an adrenaline rush from vicariously soaking in Feeney’s journey in an undeniably thorough, enriching, and entertaining manner.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“In the long run, I suppose it’s good to face down your fears. It just hurts more than I expected.”

-Mihir Shah, The US Review of Books

Mary Magdalen by Judy Barnes

Author Barnes has created a biography of Mary Magdalen, one of the few female followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Mary is styled as the child of respectable parents who were distressed when her beautiful baby girl cried incessantly and began to bite other children. She finds prostitution among the fishermen of the town to be a reasonable occupation until she hears of a prophet named Jesus of Nazareth and believes he may relieve her of the evil spirits that have plagued her since birth. When she realizes that a brief encounter with Jesus has indeed cleansed her, she wants nothing more than to follow him wherever he goes. Barnes states that Mary Magdalen’s presence among the prominent followers of Christ is proof of the faith’s early, liberated respect for women.

As her plot develops, the reader will see through Mary Magdalen’s eyes some of the greatest miracles attributed to her spiritual master, such as feeding the multitudes, curing various ailments, and even bringing the dead back to life. She is depicted as being in love with Jesus in an innocent way and is inspired to travel the world preaching the gospel in Barnes discovered and nourished her talents as a writer after many years of travel, varied professions, and much reading and enjoying of fiction. In this volume, she includes references from the Holy Bible that relate to the chapter’s events and often puts biblical phrases in the speech of her main characters. 

Barnes has constructed a plausible portrait of possible psychological issues that may have turned Mary Magdalen toward a prostitute lifestyle, while infusing her with an inner wish to be healed. Her portrayal of the continuing love between Mary and her healer follows naturally, allowing the reader to see the young woman as highly independent and able to spend all her time pursuing the prophet. Barnes’ book could provide a useful focus for study and discussion in a suitable, Christian-based setting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

“All she could think about was being one of Jesus’s disciples and following him everywhere he traveled.”

-Barbara Bamberger Scott, The US Review of Books

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