“He Heals the Hurt” by Sharon M. Stone

“He Heals the Hurt” by Sharon M. Stone: A Transformative Journey to Overcoming Pain and Finding Restoration

Discovering Restoration and Liberation Through Divine Love

In “He Heals the Hurt,” author Sharon M. Stone guides readers on a transformative journey toward healing, restoration, and finding their rightful place again.

In a world where many are held captive by chains of hurt without realizing it, Stone challenges the notion that time alone can heal all wounds. Instead, she unveils the incredible healing potential that lies within the hands of a loving Savior and friend. 

“He Heals the Hurt” is a testament to the power and love of Christ Jesus, offering readers a path to freedom from the bondage of hurt that may have shackled their spirit, mind, emotions, or soul. Stone’s heartfelt words resonate with authenticity and compassion, providing solace and guidance to those seeking release from their past burdens.

“He Heals the Hurt” is a culmination of Stone’s spiritual journey, which spanned nearly a decade. Beginning in 1995, she began penning this profound work, only to resume its completion in 2009 under the guidance of the heavens. Through her unwavering commitment, Stone has crafted a book that will uplift and transform the lives of countless readers.

“He Heals the Hurt” is now available for purchase!


About the Author:

Sharon M. Stone is an esteemed Apostle, poet, and minister of God. She is affiliated with the International Poet Society and Noble House of London, where her poetic talent is celebrated. Serving as a teacher/preacher of the Word, a worship leader, and a media minister, Stone is deeply committed to meeting the needs of others through intercessory prayer and the dismantling of spiritual strongholds. “He Heals the Hurt” is the culmination of her profound spiritual journey.

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