How can Motivation Affect Your Story Writing?

Let’s start from the beginning. Why do people write stories? If you are an aspiring storyteller, you need to be able to answer this question. 

Why do we need to be able to know why we write stories? 

For starters, if we don’t know why we write stories, it would also be hard to convey our story’s message to the readers because the author needs to understand why they are writing. 

The reasons why we write are what keep us from letting go of our writing. If you don’t know why you are writing, then sooner or later, you will not continue your writing. 

Story writing allows us to express ourselves, our experiences, or our emotions through creative writing, and in order to do that, a writer needs to have enough passion, reason, and motivation to keep writing until they reach the last page. 

The purpose of story writing is to enable people to voice out what they want to say through a story. If it’s for inspiring people, educating, or for entertainment, then they should be able to tell it in their story. 

 Every day around the world, there are countless stories being told. Most of those stories are from people that have a purpose in writing their stories. 

Story writing requires a lot of motivation because it might be a great thing when you think about it at first, but it can be draining, so your motivation gets tested in the process. 

Motivation is something that pushes us to keep writing but aside from that. We also need a lot of patience and understanding because there are days when we feel less motivated than we usually are, but that’s understandable because people can’t always be at the peak of their performance every day, so you need to understand that. 

A lot of people get worked up when they realize that their writing could be better than it is, thus losing motivation to keep on writing. 

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