Marna Hale is Happy with Blueprint Press Internationale

Getting fooled is not a great feeling that someone experiences. The disappointment, anger, and embarrassment mixed up in one. So that is why Blueprint Press Internationale is different. 

We ensure that all your questions are answered. All your expectations are met because we know that you, as an author, have worked so hard to get your story published, so it would not be a good thing for us to break your trust because a broken trust is not easy to heal and sometimes can’t be healed at all. 

“This book is published by blueprint press which did an excellent job with the front and back cover and the printing…” 

The details of your book define the book, so we ensure that the quality of the services we provide is only the best of the best. Even without opening the book, the message should be already visible, so we ensure to get those as precise as possible to convey the book’s right note to the readers. 

“Blueprint press has preserved my license and given me the opportunity to be picked up by a traditional publisher…”

Opportunities are everywhere; it’s your choice whether to take them or not. We are thankful that you took the opportunity to work with us, Blueprint Press Internationale. We are delighted that we can help you in your publishing journey.

Feedback, trust, patience, and cooperation are things we hope for, and we are grateful for those things we are given. Those might sound like little things to people. Still, to us, it keeps us going and growing every day of our lives so we can provide better services for the people who put their faith in us to get their books published.

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