Pros and Cons of Kindle

For over many years, physical books have been the only way to read stories but as our world gets more advanced, we are given more options as to where to read stories. One way to read stories now is through kindle. 


In 2007, Amazon debuted the very first Kindle. Since Amazon’s Kindles took the e-reader market by storm, analysts have estimated that Amazon’s e-books account for around two-thirds of the whole electronic book market.

Electronic paper is the display technology used by Kindles; it creates a crisp screen image that is reminiscent of printed text. The original Kindle, about the size and weight of a trade paperback book, had enough storage space for over 200 e-books and could be updated with new content from Amazon via a free wireless connection, but only in the United States. There was a rudimentary web browser on board the Kindle that allowed its American consumers access to the World Wide Web.


  • Holds 1,400 books
  • High-contrast screens allow reading in bright sunlight without glare
  • Clear fonts, sharp display, and book-like writing
  • Sizeable text
  • Built-in wifi or 4G
  • If wifi is off, the battery lasts a month
  • Page-turning feature for a book-like experience
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia search
  • No laptop-like heat
  • Book collections can be organized
  • Automatic book archive: erase and redownload
  • Images, graphs, maps, etc. can be rotated
  • The keyboard allows book, library, and online searching
  • Auto-bookmark


  • Limited number of supported file types
  • Difficulty retaining information and transferring files
  • Lack of color
  • Lacking the Texture and Portability of Paper Books 
  • Unable to Share Like Traditional Books

It’s designed for one specific use, but it also has Wi-Fi for accessing the Internet and downloading media like eBooks and apps. The biggest disadvantage of reading on a Kindle is that it does not replicate the experience of reading a physical book. But it’s up to the individual reader to determine whether they’d rather read a book on paper or on their Amazon Kindle.

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