Rod Douglas’ Feedback of Blueprint Press Internationale

At Blueprint Press Internationale, we recognize the value of your time and effort because progress and results are crucial in producing practical work. We ensure that every modification is communicated to the author. Hence, they are always aware of the status of their work. Additionally, we demonstrate to our clients that their books are important to us and that we value them by treating them well. 

The results make it clear. The time and effort put into the book to make it a masterpiece. Blueprint Press Internationale guarantees that working with us will shift the game for our clients since we go above and beyond to make their novels the greatest in the world. 

We take pride in being able to assist. We want to ensure our clients receive the best possible service with our assistance. Because of the time and effort, it takes to ensure that their works have stunning visuals and make their stories extraordinary, getting their books published is a long process.

Our clients have stories to tell and messages to spread, and we want those goals to happen and reach the right people that need their books. Blueprint Press Internationale only wants the best services. We wish to be a source of inspiration for our clients, encouraging them to create more stories and convey more messages to the world. While we’re happy that they are proud of working with us, we also appreciate that they give time to provide us with feedback and insights on our services. 

To All the Fine Folks at Blue Print Press,   

I am absolutely amazed at how awesome the new cover for Driven Hearts, Finding Answers looks.  Beautiful colors, detailed design, chapter graphics fully depict the story.  Everything about this work looks so professional and certainly draws attention to the book. It looks so classic and elegant like it belongs on a shelf with some real classic books. I am extremely excited to see what becomes of all the efforts to get this story in print and on the shelves. 

  I was really taken back as I held this book in my hands and marveled at the story written on the pages. I had, for the most part, lost interest in reviving Driven Hearts until I was approached by Ava Fonda, my literary agent.    With her encouraging words and knowing deep in my heart that God had helped me in mighty ways to write this story, I decided to do what was necessary to get the book back in print.   Holding this book in my hands with the beautiful new look and improvements made by your very talented team, I felt overwhelmed by what I was holding. A story that is still stirring my heart, one that I want people to read and let it give hope, encouragement, and help to their lives.   

I deeply appreciate all that the team at Blueprint Press has done to bring life back to the story and all the efforts to make Driven Hearts available to people. I truly feel that with all the people of this nation have had to endure over the last few years, that there is help in this story to revive them and give new hope to them. The main purpose of Driven Hearts is to help people come to know that the most important part of our lives is to let others know we care about them and want them to experience what God has gifted us with. I’m very thankful that I have been able to share a part in this great effort.  Thank each and every one of you who have been such wonderful help in getting Driven Hearts, Finding Answers available to readers all around the world.   

God Bless each of you  

-Rod Douglas

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