Starting a Novel: 7 Steps to Succeed

A lot of people have wanted to start their own novel for various reasons. Although writing is not easy it can be fulfilling for some because it is their way of expressing their ideas or emotions or what reasons they may have. 

When a writer decides to write a novel, they are already a step ahead to their goals. However, as I stated, writing is not easy and sometimes may cause a lot of confusion especially if you are a beginner.  So below is a compilation of steps on how to start your novel and succeed in it. 

1. Get Ready

Before you start writing, have some preparation. The results may surprise you. With this method, you can express yourself in writing clearly and concisely. For instance, if you plan out the progression of your story, filling in the details will be far less of a struggle than if you just started writing without any preparation.

You can begin outlining the story’s opening, the main conflict(s), and the ultimate ending. If you’re writing a nonfiction book, you should establish the message you want to send and the takeaways you want readers to have.

2. know your characters well 

Get inside the heads of your story’s characters. A reader will notice if you leave something unfinished. Give your protagonists some intrigue. Maintain your story’ interest for your audience. If you know your characters, you can simply ramp up the tension.

3. Make a Timetable

Stick to your daytime or nighttime writing schedule if that’s what you want. Set a daily and weekly writing goal for yourself and stick to it. You have complete control over the length of your book, down to the number of words you intend to write and the date you intend to finish it. Facilitate, don’t impede!

4. Find Your Own Writing Style

There is a unique style to each author. Find your own unique writing style so that your readers will recognize your work from others. What sets you apart from other writers is the voice that comes through in your writing.

5. ever stop writing!

Now is the time to put pen to paper and stop making excuses. When you don’t have time to sit down and write, you have to make time. Be fixated and be in your environment while writing. Ignore the world around you. Pay close attention to the process of writing instead than worrying about the outcome.

6. Always Remember to Take Breaks 

Do not forget to take a rest from time to time. Do not under- or overwork. Control your schedule. Put that break to good use by getting in a quick nap, stroll, bite to eat, or workout. Try to relax and have fun. However, if you want to avoid losing track of time, you shouldn’t answer your phone.

7. Don’t Give Up!

Constantly use the written medium. Proceed with the current plan. Slow and steady wins the race. Consistent effort pays off.

Wanting to start a novel is an excellent decision for anyone who wants to do it but there always be hardships in every path a person takes, and this path is not less difficult than many might believe but with the right guidance and perseverance, every little effort will be paid back with great results.

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