Terminologies in The Publishing Industry

Novice writers and authors are not sure about the differences and definitions of the terms they often read. The following are the terminologies in the publishing industry.

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC):

It is a free, early-release version of a book that has not yet been issued.

Alpha Reader:

It is often called the first reader, reads the author’s work-in-process prior to finishing it.

Beta Reader:

They will read the unreleased authors’ work, and give feedback on it.

Book Advances:

It is commonly referred to as an “advance against royalties.” The majority of traditional publishing will advance the writer against royalties.

Book Publicist/ Publicist:

They are a marketing professional and are responsible for developing marketing strategies. They are a group of marketers who conduct market research on innumerable marketing segments and niches to assist writers and aspiring ones.

Book Publishers:

They are responsible for developing a writer’s works. They ensure that the book design and the writer’s command of language convince readers to purchase it.

Book Review/s:

It is from professionals and readers. It is not simply written to engage readers from buying the book but rather to identify how effective the delivery of the message is.

  • Types of Book Review (Reader Reviews, Endorsement Reviews, Trade Reviews, and Editorial Reviews)

Book Royalty:

The copyright holder (writer) contracts with a book publisher to publish a book. This sum is referred to as royalty and is calculated as a ratio of sales.


  • Different Types of Editing (Copyediting, Mechanical Editing, Line Editing, and Developmental Editing)


  • Types of Editors (Associate Editor, Commissioning Editor, Content Editor, Copy Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Online Editor, and Proofreader).

International Standard Book Number (ISBN):

It is simply a product identification that bookstores, publishers, libraries, online retailers, and other supply chain partners use to facilitate ordering, a sales record, listing, and stock control.


It is the act of an author or writer publishing media without the assistance of a traditional publisher.

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