The Lunatic by Lauren Wantz

“The Lunatic”: A Captivating Tale of Transformation and Redemption by Lauren Wantz

A Gripping Story of Change

“The Lunatic,” a remarkable novel by Lauren Wantz, explores the intricate dance between tradition and change, sanity and madness.

Readers are introduced to Anglor, a Selenite sent from the moon to Earth who struggles to convince the planet’s inhabitants of a better way while adhering to his traditions. Despite his challenges, Anglor becomes a renowned artist who advocates for killing history and starting over, challenging preconceived notions and beliefs.

Wantz, an author known for delving into addiction and mental illness, delivers a captivating story that examines the depths of the human psyche. With her unique blend of storytelling and introspection, Wantz takes readers on an emotional journey that challenges their perspectives and invites them to question societal norms and the power of love and redemption.

“The Lunatic” is a testament to Wantz’s ability to weave complex narratives that transcend genres and explore the intricacies of the human condition. This novel promises to captivate readers with its richly developed characters, profound themes, and thought-provoking insights. 

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About the author

Born in Kussel, Germany, in 1991, Lauren Wantz has lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States due to her father’s employment in the Air Force. Drawing from her experiences and battles, Wantz brings authenticity and depth to her storytelling. As a bisexual author, she embraces diversity and inclusion in her works, offering a fresh perspective that resonates with readers from all walks of life.

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