The Most Common Mistakes People Make When/During Writing

Practicing good writing habits can be beneficial to anyone. It would be helpful in an individuals’ respective careers and academic settings. Being mindful of the common mistakes will make you pay more attention to what you are writing.

The following are the most common mistakes:

1. Words are too wordy (Wordiness)

If a writer keeps on rambling and keeps dragging in delivering the message, then that is an example of wordy writing. Like what I just did right now.

Do not beat around the bush. Keep it straight to the point.

Wordiness makes your writing boring and plain. Make it concise by displaying the necessary information.

2. Mistakes on spelling

It may seem weird, but this is one of the most observed mistakes done by writers. It is evident when the writer uses the incorrect homophones. Homophones are words with the same pronunciation. Examples are cell and sell, hour and our, know and no, etc.

3. Wrong word

This is a common action done by writers; they search the synonym of a specific word and randomly use what they like. This is wrong! You should pay attention to the proper usage of the words. If the words you are using can be quite tricky, check on their standard usage.

4. Missing and misuse a comma

Never forget to put a comma in your sentences. It will be difficult for you readers to understand the context of your sentence. They will feel like they are running on a marathon as there are no pauses.

If there are writers who forget to use commas, they are also some who misuse their commas. Seeing one with too many commas makes it irritating in the eyes. Keep the usage of commas minimal.

5. Sentence Fragment

According to Grammarly, sentence fragments are those sentences that have a missing subject.


  • Sentence Fragments: Because of the strong wind.
  • Correct Sentence: Because of the strong wind, the celebration was postponed.

There you have it! The aforementioned are the most common mistakes. Paying attention to these will help you in creating a coherent and clear message for your write-ups.

Keep on writing and improve your skills.

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