“Tony Harte and the Boys from Avondale” by D.R. Pollock

“Tony Harte and the Boys from Avondale” by D.R. Pollock is a Memoir of Life’s Adventures

A fictional Life Escapades story

“Tony Harte and the Boys from Avondale” by D.R. Pollock follows Tony Harte and his companions through the 1920s’ Jazz Age and the 1930s’ Great Depression.

Pollock’s father took some time after he retired to settle down and write his autobiography. He fictionalized it by altering some of the names to protect people whose innocence was in doubt. The majority of the stories on the pages were ones he remembered from his youth.

D.R. Pollock wrote “Tony Harte and the Boys From Avondale” as a challenge to himself to write a book based on his father’s manuscript that included certain things he had heard growing up that his father had chosen to exclude.

Chicago, a city infamous for its machine politics and infamous criminals like Al Capone and Bugs Moran, serves as the setting for the majority of the narrative. Tony’s endeavor to succeed in the large metropolis took place in this environment, but before that, he and his companions first attended school. They attended the Avondale School for Boys, which was first established for urban boys who were homeless and converted to boarding in 1920.

In order to make the reader laugh and appreciate Tony’s numerous amusing encounters, D.R. Pollock wrote his narrative.

Readers may expect a fascinating tale filled with thrilling adventures and hilarious blunders.

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Author Bio

 D.R. Pollock has a fruitful career as a contracts manager in the building or engineering sector. He has visited several places and lived in twelve states. Pollock has an MBA from Drexel University and a BBA from Georgia State University. His first novel and second book are both titled “Koa Kai”.

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