‘Two Loves, One Heart’ by Carrie Keaton

Carrie Keaton’s ‘Two Loves, One Heart’ Showcases A Tale of Love and Second Chances

Utterly mesmerizing and moving

In this heartbreaking love story about fate, betrayal, and the power of love to heal, author Carrie Keaton opens up the heart and soul like no one else.

‘Two Loves, One Heart’ begins with the blissful marriage of Lynnette Thomas and Billy Matthews. The first stages of their lives as a married couple are full of happiness, but little did Lynnette know that the road she’s taking isn’t paved with good intentions. Her idyllic life is about to be shattered by a series of crises that will leave her in agony and despair.

Carrie J. Keaton returns with another wonderful work of art with intriguing, nuanced characters and a gripping story that is perfect for fans of the romance genre. Throughout the entire narrative, Keaton displays immense talent in portraying the painful experiences of a woman in love stuck in a toxic relationship.

With its gripping, heart-wrenching scenes at every page turn, ‘Two Loves, One Heart’ guarantees that readers will be on the edge of their seats as they journey with the protagonist in her endurance of every setback that threatens her stability. 

Two Loves, One Heart’ is available for purchase in paperback and e-book formats. Don’t miss out on this riveting narrative full of lessons and wisdom.

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“This was a wonderful soul-touching story. There is always that one person in each of our lives that will be there no matter what. The story will inspire so many people to never give up on love.” —Amazon Review

About the Author

Carrie J. Keaton lives in Holly Grove, a very small rural community in the state of Arkansas. She is the eldest of five children and has three brothers and one sister. She has one son from a previous marriage and a 14-year-old son from her last marriage, which ended with the death of her husband in October 2011. She has always lived near her elderly parents just in case they needed her. Presently, she is disabled, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dream job: writer.

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