Understanding eBook: How it Works and How to Create One

We live in a technological age. eCommerce, eGift Cards, e-cigarettes, and eBooks are some of the terms that are used.

Why? Because consumers like the notion of being able to accomplish practically anything on any device from virtually anywhere. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that we have begun to revolutionize every aspect of our lives.

What began to simplify daily tasks has spread to our leisure pastimes, the most obvious being reading. We developed eBooks to facilitate one of America’s favorite pastimes.

What is an eBook, and what purpose does it serve? You would assume that it is an electronic book based on the name. However, there is much more to it; the situation is somewhat more complex.

To set the records straight, let us explain what eBooks are:

eBook Definition

It is an electronic book, a publication made accessible in digital format, consisting of text, pictures, or both, and viewable on computers or other electronic devices. It is described as an electronic replica of a printed book; some eBooks do not have a printed counterpart.

It may be viewed on specialized e-reader devices and any computer with a controlled viewing screen (e.g., desktop computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.).

eBook Characteristics

Not Editable- The text is not changeable and should always be convertible into an uneditable format. With thousands of individuals accessing it through digital devices, users can alter any material without the author’s consent. Thus, to qualify as an eBook, the text should not be immutable, precisely like a physical book.

Reflowable (Has Exceptions)- Regardless of the size of the screen on which you are reading the eBook, it will always fit; text will retain the line breaks, and chapters and pictures will adjust to match the device’s dimensions which you are reading.

Exception: PDFs are not editable but are reflowable; they technically do not qualify as eBooks based on the criteria that define eBooks. However, since companies have benefited from the convenience of downloading and distributing PDFs, PDFs have evolved into “unofficial” eBooks and are still frequently utilized as eBook formats.


If you were to search eBook formats, you would discover a plethora of possibilities. Indeed, dozens. However, the probability of many of these formats being used is very remote. To make things easy for you, we’re going to focus on three well-known for their simplicity of use and ability to be utilized in widely disseminated formats: EPUB, AZW, and PDF.

  • AZW– Amazon creates it for their Kindle eReaders; it may include various types of information, including bookmarks, notes, and highlights. However, AZW can only be read on Kindles or devices equipped with the Kindle app. Additionally, they are available only via the Amazon online bookshop.
  • EPUB– It is the most commonly accepted format and can be read on a broad range of devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, etc.) and the majority of eReaders (except Kindles). It is reflowable, enabling them to function as genuine eBooks and making them simpler to read on mobile devices.
  • PDF – is often known as a portable document format; it is the format most people are acquainted with. PDFs, which Adobe created, are well-known for their simplicity of use and capacity to bespoke layouts. They may be difficult to read on a tiny screen since they maintain their structure and are not reflowable. Despite this, they remain one of the most popular eBook formats, particularly among marketers.

eBook Retailers

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Google Play



Each year, the book publishing business uses 16 million tons of paper, the equivalent of 32 million trees. With eBooks accounting for roughly 30% of book sales, they save energy, decrease pollution, and account for approximately 9.6 million of the 32 million trees saved each year! A victory for everyone.

Handy and Portable

Anything that simplifies people’s lives is appealing, and convenience is a great crowd-pleaser. eBooks are portable as well as comfortable. With a compatible eBook device, you can carry a whole library with you. Having your favorite books on an iPad, eReader, smartphone, or tablet (all of which are lightweight gadgets!) seems a lot more convenient than carrying around a thousand physical books.

Instant Download

Nowadays, when people want something, they desire it immediately. With a mere tap on the button, you can purchase and download an eBook from anywhere on any eBook-compatible device. No more going to the shop and spending hours perusing the hundreds of bookcases or waiting for your purchase to arrive. You may access eBooks from any location and begin reading immediately.

Saves Money

eBooks are less expensive than paperback books since they do not incur production or delivery expenses. The average eBook cost is less than $5, while the average price of a print book is more than $10. While this may not seem like enough, it adds up quickly if you are an enthusiastic reader.


In comparison to print books, eBooks are very searchable. Rather than turning through the pages searching for a favorite quotation or portion of the narrative, you may search for the area of the book you’re seeking using keywords. This is particularly beneficial when reading lengthy volumes that would take hours to flick through searching for a particular page.

Space Efficient

Particular individuals are lucky enough to have extensive libraries in which to keep their books. However, eBooks significantly reduce storage requirements for bookworms who lack the additional capacity by enabling users to store thousands of volumes on a single device—no more scrounging for storage space for your new books.

Typeface Alteration

You may alter the font size of an eBook depending on the format (except PDF). This is particularly attractive to people who struggle with their vision. There will be no more squinting or fumbling for your glasses. Customizing the font size in an eBook is simple and convenient.

Although a PDF eBook’s font size cannot be changed, you may still zoom in on your device. While not as handy as a paperback book, this is something you cannot accomplish with one.

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