What Color is Your Rainbow by Jodi Mannes

Join author Jodi Mannes on this touching tale of friendship, told in the bright, innocent language of a first grader. What Color is Your Rainbow? Is it a clever story of a young boy and his five very different, but not so different at all, friends on their journey to school? As the story unfolds, the reader enjoys the freedom to identify as the main character because, while each of his friends represents a different background, the main character remains untethered to a specific identity.

“What Color is Your Rainbow” by Jodi Mannes

Children everywhere will come to understand, just like the young boys in this story, that differences in appearance, interests, and skills are what bring friends together. Like the different, vibrant colors of the rainbow, our lives are meant to be colorful. If the rainbow was all one color, it wouldn’t be the majestic vision it is. This endearing story will captivate children and adults alike and leave readers with a warm glow of happiness, challenging them to ask themselves, What Color Is Your Rainbow?

Jodi Mannes grew up in the beautiful state of Montana with her parents, two sisters, and younger brother. With a bachelor’s degree in communications, Jodi spent 25 years in the global staffing industry, with the last 12 in executive leadership roles. In 2021, Jodi made a career change and followed her passion, becoming a beauty blogger and content creator with a global social media presence.

Jodi dedicates time each day for spiritual reflection and guidance.

It was in that quiet time that the idea for this book was realized. Jodi gives full credit to God for the story and its lesson of acceptance.

Jodi and her husband, Steinar Mannes, now live in the beautiful state of Washington and enjoy spending time with Steinar’s four adult children, snowmobiling, riding dirt bikes, and enjoying the outdoors.

To find out more about Jodi, visit her website at www.JodiMannes.com.

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