What is the Purpose of Story Writing?

Stories have existed since the beginning of time, but until about 700 B.C., when the earliest written examples of works like the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad by Homer appeared, there was no physical evidence of their existence. The fact that these tales were written down aided their rapid and global spread.

However, we all  have had a point in our lives where we ask why they exist and their purpose.


Most of our knowledge came from books but not all read those books with no entertainment because they see it as enjoyable as a story. It sounds terrible, but there is no nicer way to say it. 

There are times when we gain more knowledge from the entertaining books that we read. People usually go; “Oh! That’s what it’s called?”, “I see, now I know,” and many more. 

With the evolution of stories, a lot of authors now create stories with a lot of facts about things like those medical types of movies that we see and many other stories.  

A lot of stories now include knowledge in them that we might have not learned even in school. Whether it may be fiction or nonfiction, It surprises a lot of people to learn something from the stories they read. 


We have read those stories that have lessons with them. Usually, those are children’s stories. Although there are stories that are not children’s stories that have life lessons, writers typically write them for children. But why? 

Children don’t have much knowledge about the world, and they’re still growing. They have yet to learn what is right from wrong. Constant scolding is not helpful, either. 

Although they will know that what they did was wrong, they will fear that they will get scolded, and as they grow, these children will unconsciously be afraid of mistakes. 

Children’s stories help shape children into better adults without instilling fear in their minds about making mistakes. 

However, these life lesson stories apply not only to children but also adults. Adults know what is wrong and what is right but sometimes they forget the consequences of their actions. Stories with life lessons are for children to learn life’s values and for adults to remember them. 


It is not rare to encounter stories that convey a message. Sometimes those stories touch a lot of hearts and become great stories. These types of stories are powerful because, usually, these types of stories carry the author’s heart. 

It is full of sincerity and it touches the hearts of many people. Especially if these stories are emotional, a reader cannot help but feel what the author feels and reciprocate the story’s message. 

Life lessons and messages are different. Life lessons teach about life but the message tells the world what the author wants to say. These messages sometimes don’t have a lesson in them, just a message. 

A story can carry even the heaviest of emotions into words and turn them into a message the world can understand and feel. Stories can carry messages of love and pain and convey them to the world and make the world know what the author wants to say. 


Inspirational stories are very enlightening and heartwarming that can make people feel motivated and believe in themselves. These stories are sometimes what we know as “success stories.” These success stories can make people feel more motivated and inspired to do what they want and believe they will succeed. 

Success stories are mostly based on the real-life experiences of the protagonist in the story, which makes it more motivating and encouraging to a lot of people. 

The purpose of story writing is vast, but they definitely impact the person reading their stories. Every story is written with a reason in mind by the author. Leaving a legacy or a mark that they existed in the world, knowledge, life lessons, message, inspiration, or whatever reason they have. 

Authors create stories for a reason and these stories can become someone’s reason as well to keep going in life. 

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