What it Truly Means to Market Your Book

It is a common step to take before launching your book; you ought to have a book marketing plan. You may have heard countless people saying that your sales will skyrocket if you have a book marketing strategy. It is true, but only if it is done right!

Having a good book and sound design is no use if your book does not reach the minority of your target audience. To do so, you need to have a good book marketing plan.

Here are proven reasons on what it truly means to market your book:

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Primarily, you need to pick out your target audience. Does your book contain words easily understandable, or does it require reading by professionals? Or is it for children, teenagers, young adults, or adults?

Knowing who is your target audience for your book can make a variance in the impact that it will have on your book. For instance, if you market your book to many anonymous individuals, they do not like the mystery genre you are promoting because they prefer the romance or memoir genre. Doing so without minding who is the appropriate target audience can make a difference in the standing of your book. The algorithm of Amazon or other websites can be heavily influenced by it.

Build Your Brand & Identity as an Author

Having an appropriate book marketing strategy can help in building your brand and identity as an author. It will help your target audience and readers differentiate you from existing authors.


Having your website as an author increases your engagement with your readers and makes them quickly aware of your brand and future campaigns and activities. Further enhances the chance of having an author-reader community.

But having an ordinary website will not cut it. Due to the evolving technology enhancements, creating a website should be well-design and constructed.

Reach Out to Book Reviewers

Having your book reviewed by a well-known book reviewer does not necessarily correlate with higher sales. Book reviewers are a stepping stone for you as an author to have credibility. Through this, it will make it easier for you to have momentum.

Use Ads on Amazon or Google to Boost Sales

To boost the sales of your book, you can opt to have google marketing or Amazon advertising for your book. You can choose the appropriate advertising services that are tailored to your book. Through google marketing, having the keywords highlighted can make your book easily searchable on the internet. It will entice your target audience to check out your book.

Social Media

Do not create all types of social media accounts!

Why so?

Are you 100% that you can handle it?

Social media is beneficial as there are millions of users, which increases the chances of your work being known to readers. But, it is not necessary to create all the accounts; choose what works best for you and your book. Make sure that you are up to date and can handle all your social media accounts.

Having the proper book marketing is a game-changer to you as an author. Book marketing results may not be evident initially, but it indeed creates a good standing for your brand in the long run.

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