Why do we like side characters?

When we read stories or watch movies, we notice that side characters help move the story forward or take a turn. That said, side characters play a considerable part in the story.

Side characters are an integral part of any story. They provide an extra layer of depth to the main characters and the plot. Without them, the story would be much less interesting.

Side characters can provide relief and insight into the main characters and help move the plot forward unexpectedly. They can also add tension and suspense to the story and offer the opportunity to explore themes or topics that wouldn’t be possible with just the main characters.

Side characters help develop the main characters.

Bring to light the principal characters’ positive attributes, as well as their flaws and the reasons behind their actions. Side characters help develop the main characters, whether they are on the good or evil side. These characters are the author’s assets because they help make the story more relatable and exciting enough to keep the readers entertained and hooked.

Side characters help the main characters in any way possible so that they can reach their goals. It might often be overlooked, but side characters are the ones that pave the path of the story.

Side characters see different points of view.

It’s common for supporting characters to be the ones who narrate the story from the main characters’ points of view. They frequently have the most insight into the growth, difficulties, and triumphs of the primary characters. They have a more in-depth understanding of the primary characters than the main characters themselves.

Side characters can represent different points of view, which can help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the story and its themes. They can also provide a contrast to the main characters and create interesting conflicts.

Side characters feel more human.

Side characters feel more human because they show more personality, which most can relate to. Even though they appear less, we feel more excited whenever they appear because they have a too-limited storyline. Readers often want to learn more about them. Side characters are designed to have less of a storyline, not to overshadow the main characters. Even so, we still look for them—even more than the main characters.

Side characters can become the biggest plot twist.

The side characters are incredibly mysterious. We have little to no background on the side characters, even if they look like they are there to help the protagonist. We would not know if they were doing it genuinely or faking it until the end.

Side characters can add a unique perspective to the story. They often have their motivations and backstories that can make the story more exciting and complex. They can be a normal supporting character in the story or the biggest plot twist no one will ever expect.

Supporting characters bring their kind of hilarious comic relief, which not only makes the plot more engaging but also makes it more enjoyable to read. In short, a story’s secondary characters are just as significant as the narrative’s primary protagonists and antagonists. They can contribute to the story’s overall ability to leave a lasting impression.

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