Adventure in Ancient Azorka


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‘’Today, two advanced island civilizations hidden in the Atlantic Ocean have opposing solutions for controlling a violent outside world in the year 1688. Our diplomacy has broken down, the stakes are high and the covert war has begun. The Wizard has been experimenting with recombinant DNA and is preparing to attack the world with a horde of intelligent hybrid animal-dragons. Our Guardians’ and their flying friends will stop him but the battles will be challenging, some out of this world.’’
Signed by
Guardian for Azorka in the year 1688 AD

I enjoyed a career in the Plastics Industry for twenty-two years, believing that I was saving trees, by producing vinyl siding for homes. During the time I worked for this large multi-national organization I was offered the opportunity to attend college, fully paid for by my employer. I successfully completed my courses in Marketing, Business Psychology, Sales, Management in Industry. Unfortunately, by 1995, the protective layers of our atmosphere were breaking down and plastic designed to weather and maintain its color outdoors was fading from more intense UV rays from the sun. Today our trees, the most precious resource on this planet, are facing extinction from climate change.

I developed more respect for our environmentalists fighting for change.

In 2017, I was concerned about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. If we had a neutral committee organizing meetings and proposing solutions, perhaps the conflict would never have boiled over into the horrific consequences of war.

I believe that as a civilization, we need to have more respect for God, our planet and ourselves.

I hope to appeal to a younger generation, with my creation of two advanced societies fighting for dominance, in order to solve the problems of a world developing a lust and passion for war.


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