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Crave Saga: Book One


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Jezebel Jones, a broken-hearted but passionate, free spirt has a chance meeting with Sebastian Baldovino and high strung, stubborn charmer. Who introduces her into a world far behind her imagination, a world that has existed all around from the moment she was born. Her destiny is to fall in love with Sebastian, whose soul is weaved from the same strand of stars and is craving once more to be joined with her.

Sebastian has another chance to set things right, but he must first convince her of her destiny and who she is and get her to fall in love with him at the same time, all at the risk of the truth scaring her away forever. He must do it before her 26th birthday when the Fates come to survey the dead and pass judgement on recycled souls. Jezebel needs to accept who she is in order to be with him, who she has fallen deeply in love with but won’t admit it to anyone, not even herself. Come with her on this adventure of love, power, and identity as she discovers who she is really mean to be.



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