Love Me For Who I Am


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TJ Williams grows up not interested in activities that normal boys are. Trucks, cars, planes, and most sports he doesn’t want any part of. He is a loner while growing up. He doesn’t like his relatives. He finds hanging around his mother better than being with his dad. Tom, his father, tries to interest him in ‘manly sports’ such as football, baseball, basketball, and even soccer. His relatives don’t understand why he is so different. He doesn’t have any friends until he is in his teens. He isn’t interested in girls until he is in college and meets a beautiful girl and falls in love with her. She likes TJ but doesn’t want to marry him because he doesn’t understand things about her. This is an interesting book with lots of twists and turns.


Judy Barnes has written a few books related to the Bible. She has a way of making the characters interesting and believable. Her first three books are a trilogy. “Two Girls From Nazareth” is about Mary and the birth of Christ. The second book,

“Born To Be King of the World,” is about Jesus’ growing up years. The third book, “His Unconditional Love,” is about Christ’s ministry. The fourth book is

“Mary Magdalen.” Ms. Barnes didn’t start writing books until her latter years. She and her husband raised a large family. When the children were alone, Ms. Barnes discovered a love for writing. This book, “Love Me For Who I Am,” differs from anything she has ever written. This is easy to read and enjoyable.


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