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Degree of Guilt


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“Fierce loyalty and determination meet suspense and mystery laced with humor. Captivating.”

Marcia Klinefelter


After a year of teaching rotten students and dealing with an even more rotten boyfriend in Chicago, Maggie Witkowski wants to enjoy her inheritance-her grandparents’ lakeside cabin in northern Wisconsin, the idyllic summer retreat of her childhood. As she begins cleaning the neglected cabin, Maggie has no idea that the past is about to catch up with the present in a way she could never have imagined.

With most of the cabin’s heirlooms by her mother, Maggie is left with nothing but her memories and a multitude of problems. Worse, the townsfolk who doted on Maggie as a child has branded her grandfather a murderer.

And then there is the ghost who suddenly makes his appearance known. Dead since 1963, Larry Denison is helplessly attached to the Witkowski cabin. A rascal during his life, he must now perform a good deed before he can gain entrance to a happy eternity. Unfortunately, Maggie, whom he sees as the pain in his side, is his only way out-and up.

In this intriguing story mystery, a woman defending her grandfather’s name must brave insults, pranks, and assaults on her life to find the truth and ensure justice-with the help of a ghost with his own agenda.


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