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Desire Of Whimsy: The Inspiration Behind Finding Your Own Hero


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What would you do if you met the man of your dreams… in your dream? Serenity faces that conundrum in “Desire of Whimsy”

Serenity is a young woman living alone in Edinburgh, Scotland, and working as a nurse in the coma ward of a hospital. She has been often dreaming about some of her patients and of a mysterious man-and since she can interpret and control her dreams, her gifts make her dreams that much more intense. During her dailt shifts, she focuses on her favorite patient, Mr. Thomas, who has been in a coma for five years.

Trance lives in a world that allows him to control the emotions and thoughts of others while they are sleeping, a task he accomplishes under the watchful eye of his superiour recruiter, Impedes. Unaware that he is actually in a coma, he is stuck between two worlds, unable to determine which is real. But when he meets Serenity in her dreams, those worlds collide, sending both of them on a path of loss and love. In this novella, a young nurse and a man in a coma meet in their dreams and soon discover there is more to the world than they ever imagined.


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