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Dream Mountain: The Mysterious Ledge


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“At that very second Kippy, wearing the bearskin rug, jumped out from behind the bushes growling out loud. Both boys screamed and ran for their lives. Beau charged at the bearskin but Kippy was able to toss it to one side, just in the nick of time.”

Dream Mountain is the sequel to The Mysterious Ledge. Twenty years had passed since Georgy Walker dreamed about climbing the mountain and standing out on the ledge. Georgy works as a conservation officer and had begun writing about his dream. He even got his book published. He became a town councillor and began to instigate and initiate change to the mountain.

In another dream, Georgy is reminded to be respectful in the way in which changes to the mountain are made. He feels under the watchful eyes of His old friend Will.

Follow along as Georgy’s ten-year-old son Taylor, willingly helps his dad in his desire to make his dream, to transform the mountain into a popular viewpoint, come to life.

My target audience is young readers. This sequel ties up a lot of wonderment from the first book called The Mysterious Ledge.


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